Regarding my surroundings, I can – a little simplified – make out two categories of people:

Those who are devout believers in processes and those who do not believe in processes.

The first half believes that you need regulated processes in order to keep chaos at bay. Processes, so they say, help when it comes to improving matters and finding good solutions to problems. These people also assume that decisions can be based entirely on rationality. Also, they believe in well-structured and assigned responsibility.

Personally, I tend towards the other half. I believe in common sense and gut instincts. Also in my own responsibility based on trust, and spontaneous and highly dynamic processes. I believe in local decisions based on the subsidiary principle, maybe following a cluster-like accumulation of intelligence.

Rational brain-based decisions bury us underneath terribly complex scenarios. What results are rotten compromises and dead-lock. The necessary dynamics disappear.

Again, the “old world” comes to mind. Once upon a time, all enterprises were characterized by a strictly hierarchical organization, including the four-eyes-principle. Everything was based on control.

Behaving in a way that makes sense often takes moral courage or the constructive disobedience to play against the rules. However, if “playing against the rules” gets to be the general rule, this, too, will not make sense.

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Chris Wood (Monday November 2nd, 2009)

    Really, the world is divided into two sorts of people, those who think that some principles are entirely right, and those who realise that usually a compromise is needed. For instance, extreme socialism and extreme liberalism are both wrong. Complete anarchy and complete control are both wrong. I am sure that Roland realises that some control is desirable, but he pretends otherwise, in order to make his blog more interesting.

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