Roland Dürre
Tuesday December 13th, 2011

Entrepreneur’s Diary #57 – Re-Thinking Management

Here are the eight theses by Hans Ulrich (who held a professorship at Hochschule St. Gallen between 1954 and 1985)

In the great series: “Management – Articles, Part 2, from  1981 to 1998″  by Hans Ulrich, I found eight theses on “Re-Thinking Management“:

  • Accept uncertainty and unpredictability of the future as normal state of affairs;
  • Extend your limits of thinking;
  • Instal the category  “as-well-as” instead of  “either-or”;
  • Think multi-dimensionally;
  • Take self-organization and self-monitoring as formative model for the enterprise;
  • See the manager as someone who gives and conveys meaning;
  • Concentrate on the necessities;
  • Utilize group dynamics;

For each of these things, Hans Ulrich gives excellent reasons that still hold true today.

(Translated by EG)

I have enjoyed witnessing the management model of St. Gallen University for some time now. Hans Ulrich is probably the father – or at least one of the fathers – of the model. Whenever I read one of his articles, they warm my heart. Somehow or other, what he wrote always seems to fit – and I very much like it.

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