Roland Dürre
Sunday January 13th, 2013

Entrepreneur’s Diary #86 – The Letter “R”

Today, I am giving you advice on marketing. What you want to do is achieve the three “R”s:

Without having a name that rings a bell, all is nothing. People must say “AH” when hearing the name of your enterprise.

And they must feel that this enterprise is highly relevant.

If you have both, you are already well under way. All an enterprise needs on top of those is a good reputation!

So an enterprise must be perceived as something that rings a bell, something that is relevant and something that has a good reputation. If you manage to sound like you are living up to this, your basic position, both with customers and potential employees, will be quite good.

🙂 After that, you just have to look that the remaining issues are fine…

You see, marketing, too, is quite simple.

(Translated byEG)

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