Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 6th, 2013

Entrepreneur’s Diary #87 – It Is Quite Simple …

… and yet so hard!

Today, all you get is a short article: here are just a few citations of remarkable tweets by Nils Pflaeging:

Niels Pflaeging@BetaLeadership 
If you want to kill connectedness: create functional division, departmentalize and allow hierarchy to invade the work #stoos

Niels Pflaeging@BetaLeadership
All that planning doesnt earn you any money. Improving the work and fighting waste does. #stoos

Niels Pflaeging@BetaLeadership 
Functional division, divisionalization and matrix structures ALWAYS result in a loss of accountability. Period. #stoos

That is exactly how I feel and could have come straight from my heart. Consequently, there is nothing left for me to say.

(Translated by EG)

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