Roland Dürre
Friday March 1st, 2013

Entrepreneur’s Diary #88 – The Genius

A short time ago, I met a famous artist. I want to start an important project with him next year. He is the same age as I am and in my opinion, he is a true genius.

We got along very well. Consequently, I felt I could not keep quiet about my opinion of his being a genius. And then he told me something:

Every genius needs his or her specific place and time.

And I think this is very important. I think this sentence is not only true for a genius, but also for all of us – whatever we do.

How many really successful salespersons do I know? In a certain segment or with certain customers, they were the kings of contracts per se. They created unbelievable turnover and earned gigantic sums as provision.  Then they changed jobs or had to change jobs – and all of a sudden, there was no more success.

Only too often, I made the same experience with managers and entrepreneurs. Their rise was like a comet. They were hugely celebrated. But then change came and they had to kiss success good-bye. And only few of them ever came back.

Success is something you may and should be happy about. But you should not be boastful of your achievements. Because in order to be a success in life, you always also have to have some luck and choose the right moment. Without the right environment, nothing goes. And, basically, the environment is constituted by other persons. Because mostly you are nothing by yourself.

(Translated by EG)

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