Roland Dürre
Monday August 24th, 2009

Travel Journal #51 – The Süddeutsche of this Weekend

Today, I have decided to write something in my travel journal:

Zeitung In former times, the daily newspaper was extremely important for me when I was on vacation. After all, it was the only link I had with the real world out there. That is no longer so. The really important information (like the results of the soccer games Haching against Osnabrück or Bayern against Mainz) is now always directly available from the internet.

This weekend, however, I had a fit of extravagance and bought an SZ in Gythio. Only two pieces of information stuck:

Firstly that
“the amount of taxes collected by the federal agency during the first half year of 2009 has plummeted, which means that the federal and regional agencies suffer from the highest deficit in many years at 30 billion Euros”,


“Federal Chancellor Merkel is now doing so much better in the political survey results than Steinmeier that even our Secretary of Commerce Karl-Theodor zu Guttemberg only comes in second after Angela Merkel when it comes to popularity”.

Merkel We ruin our finances and pretend that this is unavoidable because of the world-wide banking crisis. We justify the environmental premium (“New cars for a better environment”) by calling it wreck premium (wreck premiums used to be a means to regulate over-productivity). Yet the lady who is in charge of the government and therefore responsible gets more and more popular. I start finding Mr. Glos more and more likeable. I almost believe he resigned because of the desolate situation, which I find an admirable concept.

All that remains for me is the hope that an economist I heard a short time ago in a lecture is correct: he said a nation like Germany can, by definition, never get bankrupt..

I will not buy another SZ in the near future.

(Translated by EG)


:-)I cut off the head of the young lady holding the newspaper in this picture. After all, I do not want to jeopardize her future career on the grounds that there was a time when she worked as a model for a subversive blog.

After all, I read in the same Süddeutsche copy that 28 % of all firms look for online information on prospective future employees when they wish to learn more about people who have applied for a job. Not being invited for a job interview because of the online information available on you can happen with about a fourth of all companies.

Well, here is what I think: where else should companies look for information about someone they want to learn more about before giving him a job? If an applicant cannot be found in the internet at all (which is true for around a quarter of all people), this is – according to the SZ – also not to his advantage. My comment: to me it comes as a surprise that there are still people who cannot be found the internet at all.

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