Roland Dürre
Tuesday July 14th, 2015

From PM Camp via BGM to John Izzo…

In my life, one of the nice things is that, more and more often, I meet persons I rather like. I make new friends all the time and I always learn important things from them.

Here is an example: in 2011, we had the first PM Camp in Dornbirn. It was a huge event – both for me and, so I believe, for all the other participants. According to the feedback we received, (almost) everybody went home happy and content. Including myself. After all, I had met many persons who take a serious interest in project management, leadership, entrepreneurship and much more. And, basically, they all want to live a meaningful and successful life.

Then we really got under way with the PM-Camps. In Vienna, Zurich, and many more German cities, they have now become a regular event. And their number increases all the time. People and communities build networks. And, again and again, some of them became my friends.

This was also how I first met, learned to appreciate and now have come to love Dr. Marius Poersch. He takes his job as a doctor rather seriously. In a famous hospital, he helps people who burnt themselves out dealing with “modern work-life stress factors”, people who have more and more stress or even suffer from a psychosis already.

By now, he has come to the conclusion that, indeed, it is an honourable task to help people and support the healing process. Yet he is also driven by the awareness that, for many people, it need never have come to what it came to. If only – well, if the living and working environment were just a little different and the potential of suitably adapting were a little better.

And since Marius wants to be more than just part of a “repair shop”, one thing he did was establish an institute ( where he does research with equal-minded persons, examining how people might be enthusiastic and work through their entire work-life without sacrificing their own balance and starting to get psychotic. In short: he is looking for a work and life environment where a sustainable and full life is possible.

However, he also does research on the other side of the coin – namely what sort of individual concept in the sense of life goals and life style you should have in order to live a positive life that enhances your existence.

In order to promote this goal, he developed a method rather similar to the one described by John Izzo in his book “Five Secrets”. He interviewed senior citizens who worked an entire life long and who now, being retirees and pensioners, still and again involve themselves in various ways with civic affairs. His reason for taking that group of persons as interviewees is that one can assume they know a health recipe that, for example, will also prevent burn-out.

A good friend of mine – Dr. Andreas Zeuch, known way beyond the PM Camp environment as an author and entrepreneurial consultant – introduced me to Marius.

I was chosen as one of his interview candidates. So, on a nice and sunny afternoon, we met in Stuttgart and talked. Conveniently, it was just before the Stuttgart PM Camp started.

I was curious and also a little excited about what I was going to experience. The afternoon turned into a beautiful evening and later a wonderful shared breakfast. Even as we talked, many things out of my own life became suddenly clear. Later, Marius explained the technological background of his method, as well as his procedure. And that gave me even more insight into myself.

A few days ago, I received mail from Marius. Inside the envelope, I found the aforementioned book. I was truly delighted – after all, I believe I found a true friend in Marius, and gifts sent by true friends are always a special delight for me.

I finished the book quite quickly. Even though there is no doubt that it is a little American and extra detailed, it is exciting to read – and it is an important piece of literature for persons prepared to think about their own lives. For me, all the ideas, conclusions and demands formulated in the book by John Izzo make complete sense.

The title of the book is:
“The Five Secrets You Should Have Discovered Before You Die”

As I see it, the title says it all. And I also gave a short overview in my last IF blog article. I truly recommend that you read it.

(Translated by EG)

I know that Dr. Marius Poersch is still looking for more interview partners for his project – and I would certainly like to support his work. So if you know any senior citizens who, after all their work life, remained healthy and enthusiastic, why don’t you inform me? I will gladly forwards the contact data.

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