Roland Dürre
Friday December 18th, 2009

From Ottobrunn to Unterhaching #12 “A Winter’s Tale”

First, the streets between Ottobrunn and Unterhaching were white from the salt. Then they were white with snow. Now, they are again dry and white with salt. All this salt may have been well-meant, but for a cyclist, it is the opposite of enjoyable. He has to take the old, rusty bike, because salt has a very detrimental effect on bicycles. On the way, the cyclist passes all those white villas with their huge windows and white SUVs. Everything you see looks a little distorted because of the remaining snow.

Especially SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) and bigger limousines strike me as often standing there neat as a pin. Unlike many cars parked at the kerb, they have no frost and no snow on them. If you move closer, you can occasionally also hear a soft sound. That is the standby heating. In order to make sure that the driver will be comfortable as he exits his warm house and enters the vehicle, it has been switched on. Just to be on the safe side. With this warm car, he will drive to his warm office (unless he will drive to the airport, where a well-heated plane is waiting for him).

If he is successful, he has a nicely huge and warm office for himself. If he is also into fitness, he parks his car in the underground garage of the fitness club and, late at night, he will go home to his beautifully warm villa.

Other people have to scrape off the layer of ice before they can be on their way. While doing this, they start the motor and let it get warm. Then they start scraping. When I was young, this was considered wrong. Firstly because of the air pollution and the petrol that is used up, but secondly because it was recommended to only let the motor get warm when it actually does some work. Technologically spoken, that has probably become obsolete, but on clear and cold winter days, the cars still smell especially bad when running warm.
The cyclist is glad to have none of these problems. Instead, he wears a warm woollen cap under the helmet and a warm pair of mittens!

(Translated  by EG)

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  1. Chris Wood (Saturday December 19th, 2009)

    But the cyclist is liable to fall off. In my impetuous youth (age 50 to 65), I fell off several times on snow and ice (also once entering a garage with wet floor). I never hurt myself much, but still I am now more careful.

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