Roland Dürre
Tuesday October 12th, 2010

From Ottobrunn to Unterhaching #14 “This Time By Car”

A short time ago, I needed to transport quite a few things into my office. That is why, after a long time without, I went to InterFace AG at Unterhaching by car.

I started at home. And because driving a car is so boring, I measured the average speed in order to have some fun.

As I arrived in the underground parking at InterFace with my ten-year-old VW van, the equally old onboard computer showed 25 km/h. Since the traffic had not been all that bad, I was surprised. Well, there are lots of traffic lights and you have to give way all the time, as well:  first you wait on Ottostraße, then on Rosenheimer Landstrasse. Then there are some traffic lights before you reach the intersection into Unterhachinger Strasse.

Before you reach the Isarcenter, there are three more sets of traffic lights prior to Unterhaching, two of them on the motorway underground crossing. And in Unterhaching, three more traffic lights await you. They are notoriously red. It all happens on a stretch of six kilometres, part of which is a countryside highway

🙂 On the way back, I was faster – the computer showed an average of 27 km/h. That is what I call madness!

One way or other, moving with such a fuel-eating metal monster does no longer seem modern to me. Especially if I assume that the average speed, particularly in the cities, is probably not much higher, either.

Well, I prefer using my bike. At least, I can manage an average of 15 km/h without much trouble. Mostly because I can avoid most traffic lights when riding my bike.

(Translated by EG)

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