There was a small request from home: could you buy margarine, butter and eggs on your way home? It would be really nice of you.

But of course. I park my bike at Aldi cyclist’s parking space, assemble all the precious articles and march towards the cashier’s. Incidentally, there was again a rather long line. It is boring to wait, so I take a closer look at the people around me.

And there, just behind me, I see her: super-girl. She is no longer a young girl, but she has nice hair and a beautiful face. The coat seems to outline a really nice figure, as well. On the whole, she looks very presentable, dresses fashionably and wears erotic shoes. Willy Michl would have sung:  Una bella Signorina.

To be sure, I am thin air for her, but I do not mind. I still take a closer look. And suddenly I notice – something about her is not quite right. The skin on this beautiful face looks sick. It does not look healthy with all those dark spots. Not really fitting for her.

Immediately, the riddle solves itself. After having put everything from her trolley onto the conveyor belt, she takes two boxes of Marlboro from the glass case. Well, so much about this.

I am truly glad I am no longer a smoker.

(Translated by EG)

A short time ago, I heard that the profit rate for enterprises in the tobacco industry is 40% of their turnover. See also my article Raucherunternehmensgewinne.

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  1. Chris Wood (Saturday February 5th, 2011)

    Perhaps I have worked out why so many girls smoke, despite the damage to themselves and any children they may have.
    The implied lack of common sense indicates increased probability of a degree of promiscuity. This is naturally attractive to boys, at least those also lacking in common sense. This all must tend towards earlier pregnancies, and eventually more pregnancies. As long as the health effects are not too drastic, this can give an evolutionary advantage, at least in the short term. Have there been studies of correlation between smoking, and number of progeny?

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