Roland Dürre
Monday January 1st, 2018

2018: Bikes First

Here is my New Year’s Resolution: think and act positive. Give people courage and joy in the IF Blog. Because we do not want to be pushed into a downward spiral and made smaller – after all, we want to become stronger. Consequently, I will begin and set a good example!

Here is a New-Year Email that motivated me.

It shows that there are actually some municipalities where they understood what it is all about. I will publish it exactly as it reached me.

Hello everybody,

In the New Year, too, if we want to encourage more people to switch from driving cars to riding bikes, or if we want to keep them from driving cars to begin with, everything around the concept of riding a bike must be promoted by our municipalities. The program for the promotion of bike traffic, as agreed upon by the committee for environment and traffic of the Oberhaching municipality of November, 28, 2017, gives numerous examples. Let me list them underneath:

1. Infra structure

  • Finish and supply with traffic signs the gap in the hiking and biking path before Oberbiberg (construction was started in 2017)
  • Plan and build the quick cyclist route Munich-South from Sauerlach via Deisenhofen/Oberhaching and Taufkirchen and Unterhaching to Munich (main responsibility and coordination: Landratsamt München (LRA München), hopefully finished by 2018/19)
  • Plan a hiking and biking path along the M11 from Oberhaching going east to Lanzenhaar (mandate to start planning has been given to the Staatliche Bauamt accompanied mainly by LRA München)
  • Colour red the passage Loh/Further Weg behind the Sportschule Oberhaching
Introduce a speed limit of 70 on the Alten Oberbiberger Straße in the direction of Ödenpullach (done) and add white marks for the shoulder of the road 
Introduce the MVG bike at the following places in Oberhaching:
Station Deisenhofen, Station Furth, Industrial Zone (Raiffeisenalle/Schmidweg), Hubertusplatz/Weißbräu, Kirchplatz Oberhaching, Rathaus, Freibad, Kugleralm
See if bike carriers can be added to MVV busses (pilot project for specially selected bus routes in the Munich region, main responsibility LRA)
  • Build more bike sheds (railway station Deisenhofen, Schützenhaus, Friedhof, beach volleyball court, Grammar School, bus stops)
  • Change the bike shed statute with respect to assigning places to carrier bikes whenever new sheds are built or existing sheds are modified.

2. Information

  • Regular articles on bike traffic in the monthly newspaper (Kybergnachrichten) that is distributed to all households without charge
  • Update of the Municipality Oberhaching Homepage on bike traffic (add favourite bike tours and give information on thematic cyclists’ paths)
  • Place special noticeboards to the signs that point out cyclists’ routes and add new sign for the RadlRing München at the Leitenweg/Schlagerberg

3. Public Relations

  • Saddle party as part of the railway station party (Sunday, 08/07/2018) with ADFC
  • Warming-up event for the City Biking at the Kugler Alm with county representative Göbel (reminder: begin of construction for quick bike connection Munich-South, see above: topic 1)
  • Red Card Activity for removing bikes that have been sitting there for a long time (more than four weeks) at the S-Bahn station and elsewhere in the municipality
  • Support of the activity: car-free on the way to (primary) school
  • Evaluation of propositions by entrepreneurs’ regular meeting on bike traffic (job bikes, electric recharging stations)
  • Two-day seminar of the “Fahrradakademie” for the promotion of bike traffic in small and medium-sized towns in June at Oberhaching
  • General survey of the Oberhaching municipality by the “AG fahrradfreundlicher Kommunen in Bayern (AGFK)” for finding out how bike-friendly we are.

4. Service

  • Bike (light) check in the autumn in front of the library by Green-City
  • Evaluation and recommendations by the trade and crafts association Oberhaching (Online shop with cargo bike delivery, rent-an-e-bike, cargo bike test, service stations for bikes near banks and shops)
  • More official business bikes for the municipal offices, schools and kindergardens
  • Possible bike leasing for municipality employees?

For all these measures and activities, the municipality of Oberhaching provides funds to the tune of 120,000 € for 2018. What has been paid in 2017 for initial evaluations of the fast bike connection in the area of the municipality will be repeated in 2023 in order to find out how bike traffic developed through the realized measures. We aim at increasing the bike traffic until then by 10 %.

As I see it, it is absolutely necessary that these kinds of activities are also agreed upon, financed and carried out in other municipalities in order to give bike traffic in the region of Munich and beyond another boost. I gave you the list in order to propose measures and activities for other municipalities as well, or to use it as a basis for further measures.

This is how I wish you all much success with promoting bike traffic in the New Year!

Best wishes and Good Luck for 2018

Well, at least this sounds like a good start and it points in the right direction. Even if, for me, it would be good to see more.

I would be especially delighted to hear something like this or about similar programs in the municipalities of Neubiberg (where I live) and Ottobrunn (where I am mostly travelling by bike).

So: Let us do something for Munich’s South-Eastern Regions!

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(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “2018: Bikes First”

  1. Hans Bonfigt (Monday January 1st, 2018)

    Ich wäre ja schon froh, wenn die Gemeinden die fiesen und unzulässigen Fallen entschärfen würden.
    Wenn Sie zum Beispiel von Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn Richtung Aying fahren, dann steht Ihnen ein ordentlicher Radweg zur Verfügung, straßenbegleitend.
    Blöd nur: Mehrere Feldwege münden in die Straße, aber der Radfahrer hat ein Miniaturschild “Vorfahrt beachten”.
    Jetzt sind sowohl der Bauer, der mit dem Trecker vom Feld kommt, als auch der Radfahrer der Gelackmeierte:
    Der Bauer unterliegt “Rechts vor Links”, der Radfahrer muß “Vorfahrt gewähren”. Eine kritische Situation ist so vorprogrammiert.

    Solche “Schikanebeschilderungen” gibt es im Bereich Oberhachings zuhauf. Und die sind offensichtlich darauf abgestimmt, den Radfahrern die Teilnahme am Straßenverkehr zu vergraulen.

    Ich habe den Radweg trotz “blauer Teller” nie benutzt, mir war das sicherer auf der “richtigen” Straßenseite und sichtbar zu fahren.
    Folge der Folge: Ärger mit der Polizei, die natürlich nicht weiß, daß, wenn ein Radweg neben der Straße NICHT den gleichen Vorfahrtsregeln unterliegt wie die Fahrbahn, dann ist es kein “straßenbegleitender Radweg” im Sinne der VmV und damit NICHT benutzungspflichtig.
    Also wieder Anzeige, Anhörung – und natürlich bekam ich recht. Das verdammte Schild hängt aber immer noch.

    Diese Boshaftigkeiten müssen weg.

  2. Chris Wood (Sunday January 7th, 2018)

    How can “Vorfahrt beachten” and “Vorfahrt gewähren” both apply? My regular trip has a one-sided narrow piece with blue cycle sign, for pedestrians and bicycles in both directions. Am I required to use this unsatisfactory path? I notice too that the lights for bicycles are on green much shorter for bicycles than for cars.

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