On September, 19th, we welcomed our guests Hans Bonfigt and Marc Haber of redoxSystems at the IF Forum. The topic was: Careful: EMAIL!  Their two courageous and personal presentations, they not only informed us about the
“History, Basics, Spam&Virusses”, but also introduced “Concepts for Operating Your Own Secure and Reliable Mailservers”.
In particular, they also reminded us of the perhaps fundamental threats we all face these days.

After the presentations, we had an extremely lively and fruitful discussion. And our guests went back home with a sense of awareness and yet content..

As (almost) always, we made a video recording of the two presentations. You can view the basic parts of the presentation by Marc Haber on youtube.

Both this video and the one by Hans Bonfigt were made and produced by Lukas Ziegler.  The part done by Hans Bonfigt will be put online shortly.

(Translated by EG)

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