It is sensational: On Saturday, September, 8th, Rupert Lay was again a guest of the Ronneburger Kreis. He spoke on his favorite subject:


Unfortunately, I could not be there, because I had to fly to China and attend the wedding of my oldest son. Otherwise, I would certainly have been there.

Fortunately, however, the Ronneburger Kreis made a recording of the presentation! So – here is a huge “thank you” to the Ronneburger Kreis and, of course, above all, to my old teacher and friend Rupert for having agreed to have the camera in front of his nose all the time.

The location of the event was the Frankfurt Hotel Rödelheimer Hof and the starting time was 3 p.m.

Rupert Lay was born in 1929 at Drolshagen and joined the Jesuit order after graduation from high school. He studied philosophy, psychology, theoretical physics and theology, later also economics. After his habilitation, he taught philosophy and philosophy of science at the St. Georgen order college. He worked as a priest, psycho-therapist and gave seminars for managers. He wrote many books. Now he has been living several years at the Frankfurt Seniorenstift.

For me, he is the German Nestor when it comes to “Ethics in Management”.

(Translated by EG)

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