Garmin 1Since I have started my IF-blog, I took up photography again. Especially when on a bike tour, this is really something I relish.

I also enjoy taking my GPS along with me on my bike. That is also great fun. You can always see where you are and get a number of interesting data.

During the bike tour before my last, I already noticed my GPS doing strange leaps. Sometimes it said 5 kilometres, sometimes 50 kilometres from one place to the next and back. My data were defect. Occasionally, it even got stuck and I had to do a total reset.

It got worse all the time. So I could not rest in peace until I had found the reason. And I found it!

Whenever I switch off my camera too near to the GPS system (less than 40 centimetres), the latter goes crazy. I would never have believed this possible. By now, I can even reproduce the erroneous behaviour!

And seeing this kind of effect between two electronic devices really gives me pause! Then I think of plane crashes like the one of the Air France machine over Rio de Janeiro.

(Translated by EG)

On the picture, you see the culprit (right) and the victim (left).

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  1. Chris Wood (Tuesday September 29th, 2009)

    Dear Roland, may I remind you that Zuzana’s job with EMV GmbH is largely concerned with such problems; (see I can assure you that aircraft are well tested in this respect, presumably much better than portable GPS devices. For instance, EMV GmbH has supplied a lot of equipment for testing recent Airbuses. They supply a wide variety of equipment for active and passive electromagnetic compatibility testing.

    I remember that the airspeed measurement devices were very suspect in the Air France case that you mention, and that that was not an EMC problem.

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