Roland Dürre
Friday August 24th, 2012

(Deutsch) Warum unterstütze ich PM Camp?

Why I Support the PM Camp?
Marcus Raitner is one of the PM Camp protagonists and the founder of openPM. His blog /misc is truly remarkable and even more worth reading. While organizing the PM Camp, he wrote to me:

Since the InterFace also regularly sponsors us, maybe you can write a short article about: “Why we support the PM Camp“. Why not tell your readers something about your company and why you all find the PM Camp such a good idea that you even agreed to sponsor it.

Please send your text to – we will then publish it along with your logo in the blog  (

Here is my reply:

InterFace AG:

The InterFace AG started in Munich in 1984. It was all about agile development of software. Today, we mainly work in sector-independent, process-based and goal-oriented knowledge and pragmatic experience around the often critical use of IKT technology in enterprises. We are a very active knowledge enterprise. Projects play a central role in our company.

Why PM Camp:

Classical educational systems, such as schools, universities and institutionalized associations try to standardize knowledge. The pure acquisition of facts and thinking in pre-defined patterns push creativity to the side.

PM Camps are free, non-institutionalized “Anti-Conferences” and therefore a true alternative to the classical meetings of the “Project Management – Industry”. PM Camps are active, because during PM Camps, you will meet all kinds of people: young and old, female and male, project managers, students, leaders, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In a PM Camp, you live openness and transparency. The motto of the day is always the non-authoritative, ethic discourse. Everybody thou-s and thee-s each other, all attendants meet at eye level, traditional concepts of the world will be questioned. If you came as a “consumer”, you will soon be turned into a “producer”.

These is an ideal environment for honestly sharing and multiplying experience and knowledge. Consequently, all attendees agree that they did plenty of intense learning and benefited hugely after a short time – and still they all say the PM Camp was great fun.

🙂 Now I look forward to reading this text – or a modified version of it – on the PM Camp homepage this Tuesday.

(Translated by EG)

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