Roland Dürre
Saturday October 29th, 2011

What Annoys Me … #16 Mothers Chatting While Driving a Car

🙂 Today, I will grouch about the trendy and beautiful super mothers.

I see them every day as I go to work. They sit in SUVs or other luxury limousines. You can clearly see how surprised they are at seeing a grown-up riding a bike in this kind of weather. But they also always look a little frightened or angry. It depends on whether they fear they might cause an accident with me – or whether they think bikers really have no business riding on such narrow streets …


Of course, this article is extremely misogynic!


I hereby apologize in advance to all mothers and women who ever want to become mothers.
In the middle of Riemerling-West, between Waldpark-, Herbst- and Sommerstraße, there is a small park. It is a little on the neglected side, which is why we and our children always affectionately call the small forest.

They built a big kindergarden at the place. Of course, there was a huge outcry in the sophisticated quarter. I, too, was a little uneasy. To be sure, I am always in favour of children and infra-structure. But I would have preferred it if they had used one of the neighbouring villas sitting on huge property for building a kindergarden. Instead of sacrificing another piece of nature. As it is, the old villas are torn down one ofter the other. And then the properties are “compacted“ with several terraced houses.

It happened a few years back. Now, as I ride my bike to work every morning, I always see the super mothers taking their children to the kindergarden – of course, by car. After all, it is one of the achievements of our solvency that we now can take our children to the kindergarden by car. It is something we absolutely will not do without. And, of course, our mothers do not drive the really small cars.

The ”daily trip to kindergarden“ is not just an important part of life for the super mothers. After all, the single child they so much wished for is already the high point of their lives. And now it also offers the additional benefit of enlarging social communication!
All the fashionable but not always all that fashionable mothers enjoy it. They are the ones I see as I ride to work. Twenty minute later, I see them in Unterhaching in front of a kindergarden near the InterFace AG building. Those are the mothers that sometimes come on foot or by bike. Of course, they also chat. In case of inclement weather, they do it under the kindergarden awning or under their umbrellas.

That is as it should be. In our modern world of mothers which is so poor on communication, that at least gives them the opportunity to meet other mothers and exchange opinions and news about the brilliant competence of their offspring. But also about all the world and his wife. Sometimes I get the impression that the mothers spend almost as much time in front of the kindergarden building as their children inside. In between, they have to go shopping.

In Riemerling, they also have very special sorts of mother-kindergarden-meetings. Sometimes one mother just arrives while another mother is just leaving. The cars meet on Sommerstrasse in front of the kindergarden. In one car – you see a mother with her child. And in the other car – mother already minus child. After having disposed of hers, she is now ready for other forms of self-fulfillment.

But hey, stop. Naturally, the two trendy mothers driving their luxury cars do not want to forego the social communication they are entitled to. After all, it is one of the few rewards you get for having taken upon you the harsh destiny of being a mother. And it makes up for quite a few sacrifices the woman had to make.

So the cars stop. The windows are lowered – of course electronically. The motors keep running. Happy chatting throught he car windows gets the women into a state similar to autism  against the environment.

Well, the Riemerling streets are rather narrow if you drive a SUV or mini bus. Consequently, I have problems as a biker. I have to use the pedestrian’s path. But I really do not mind. I am glad if I can make beautiful women happy.

The mothers, however, keep chatting. They will only separate when another mother arrives and blows her horn three times, because she wants to dispose of her offspring. Or else the offspring still sitting in one of the two cars starts yelling, because, at long last, it wants to get out of there.

Yesterday, I had another one of those experiences. But it happens more and more often in our beautiful Riemerling.

So what do I do?

Whenever I see the “mothers-chatting-in-their-cars”, I am tempted to take a picture and publish the resulting series of pictures in the internet. But, of course, that would violate data security. Consequently, I will not do it and instead write my report without pictures. Now isn’t that a pity?

Otherwise, the memories I have of my seven children are positive. I took them all to kindergarden by bike. It was a nice experience. I always went on to work by bike.

(Translated by EG)

I already grouched about the fashionable ladies who take their dogs “for a walk” on the Waldparkstrasse by car in bad weather. You have to know that we, as long as the children were small, always had dogs. I often took the dogs for a walk – and there I met the “car-dog-walking” ladies. It is also a very interesting species.

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