Here are my 2 cents, quasi as additional insight gained from the nice discussion in Stefan’s (Dr. Hagen’s) pm blog that is very well worth reading on “Emergence in Project Management “ (Emergenz bei Projekt Management):

You should quickly forget the term “project management“(best delete it without replacement), or at least you should remove the word project from the phrase. “Management” covers quite well what is discussed in the article and what we want to do. But then, it does not.

At first sight, “leadership ” sounds a little better. But even with this phrase, I am skeptical, because as a general rule, people who see themselves as “leaders“ have a singular “self-made concept” and suffer from “detachment from reality”.

Consequently, I would call what moves us and what we like to discuss “influencing social systems and their organizations“. Incidentally, this standard is all but modest. Only the most exquisite and particularly skilled persons can meet it.

Maybe this would be a way of starting anew the “theoretic teaching and science” on management, strategy and entrepreneurship. After all, it already exists in reality.

I wish you all lots of success as a result of shared knowledge, personal courage, received happiness and actively shown respect!

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Hans Bonfigt (Thursday July 26th, 2012)

    Jaja, die Emergenz in volatilen Zeiten …

    Je mehr unsere Umwelt mit peinlich-falschen Amerikanismen kontaminiert
    wird, desto mehr freue ich mich auf den unmittelbar bevorstehenden Zusam-
    menbruch unseres Wirtschaftssystems.
    Denn dann werden wieder Taten gefragt sein und die ganzen Schwaller,
    die so viel zu reden, aber so wenig zu sagen haben, landen da, wo sie
    hingehören: In der Gosse.

    Es gibt eigentlich nie einen Grund, pessimistisch zu sein.
    “Am Ende des Tages”, hihi.

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