bild0553As we all know, discussing the wage of an employee also means discussing the overtime issue. Are you entitled to extra payment for long hours, or are they already included in the generous wages? What about an extra bonus?

These days, this is no longer so easy. Who can really distinguish between work time and private time?

Many people answer their emails around the clock (except when they sleep). A distinction between private and business mails is no longer made.

When is reading a textbook advanced training, when leisure time? What about trips? And what about the time we spend in our cars, in trains, or at the airport?

There is a rule for everything. But do they really help?

There is a nice tale about Ciba-Geigy. They were a very successful Swiss pharmaceutical enterprise, later called Ciba and after the fusion with Sandoz Novartis . In the 1970ies and 1980ies, all managers working more than 9 hours per day were put on a “black list” in their annual evaluation.

The reasoning was very simple:

How would a manager be able to optimize the resources of the enterprise if he cannot efficiently manage his own most precious resource: his time?
In my personal opinion, this reasoning is the work of a genius!

The time spent at the work place or working is probably just not the ideal factor. However, I cannot spontaneously come up with a better one. In the end, it comes down to trust.

(translated by EG)

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  1. Chris Wood (Tuesday June 23rd, 2009)

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    In 1972 fanden Olympische Spiele statt, (nicht eine Olympiade).
    Warum ist es meine Starke nutzlose Informationen zu erinnern?

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