Roland Dürre
Wednesday October 23rd, 2019

Preach Water, Drink Wine.

There is an interesting article in Bayern24. The title is:
E-Scooter in Bavaria:

Far From Mobility Change Concept

In a nutshell, the article says that every kilometre you drove with an e-scooter creates roughly as much carbon dioxide and environmental damage as a kilometre you went by car.

Two K2-scooters. We bought them soon after the turn of the millennia and they have now been used by all members of the family for almost twenty years. Now the grandchildren start enjoying them.

Here are some sentences from the article that summarize the e-scooter situation four months after they were first introduced:

… The e-scooter will definitely not become a part of the mobility change. Its climate balance is far too poor 
… according to a study by the mobility counsellor “civity“, the scooter is mostly used for distances under two kilometres. When they asked the users, it turned out that most of them would have walked the distance or taken the bike if this new option had not presented itself. 
… The scooters are mostly used in the evening and on weekends – which indicates that they are mostly used for tourist trips and fun rides 
… An option that could replace cars? Perhaps not … 
… climate sinner e-scooter? Perhaps yes … 
”On the one hand, you can ask: what energy does the use of an e-scooter consume? It is less than a car. However, if you consider that the e-scooters need to be collected during the night, then you get the result that 100 kilometres by e-scooter consume about as much as if you had used a petrol-powered car.“ (Quelle Green City) … 
… According to the manufacturer, the rent-a-scooter has a life expectancy of around one year. That includes the battery which, unlike that of the e-bike, cannot be replaced. After this time, the battery needs to be re-cycled and the aluminium parts of the scooter become replacements for maintenance …

In my eyes, the comment of the Capital of Bavaria sounds almost cynical:

Regardless, the City of Munich is quite happy with the results after four months. We receive user data from the e-scooter distributors: active kilometres, average trip duration, extremely frequented areas. These are the data that might eventually make the cyclist’s paths broader and the streets narrower. Which would mean that the e-scooter will have contributed quite significantly towards the mobility change.

So now I, again, get my doubts about our politics. After all, these current e-scooters are something like a new product in Germany. And that means we could easily (see text marked in red ) have made sure that the product is repair-friendly before allowing it access to the German market.

Just like Ralf Klagges (the founder of my favourite bike manufacturing company Utopia) made sure that all batteries of his e-bikes have segments, control panels and GMS/GPS parts that can be replaced and repaired relatively easily. Incidentally, we are talking batteries built by the Dutch enterprise Van Raam after they were developed in cooperation with Utopia.

But these simple mental concepts are probably too complex for the ministers and their assistants in the Federal and County Ministries.

To make up for it, they reassure us that they, of course, want to protect the planet. But whenever new mobility is made legal, this is irrelevant.

Just like they say going by train will soon be less expensive and more diverse, but in reality the prices go up and the connections get fewer and worse.

And growth will continue to have TOP PRIORITY. This is totally stupid and luckily many people are no longer prepared to accept it.


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  1. Hans Bonfigt (Wednesday October 23rd, 2019)

    Hahahaha. Wer hätte das jetzt gedacht.

    Und: Wie groß ist der Radius des vorderen Rädchens, wie hoch ist eine Bordsteinkante ?

    Der “Scooter” ist das SUV des Fußgängers.

    Welches Verkehrsmittel ist MAXIMAL umweltschädlich mit einem Verbrauchsäquivalent von etwa 66 Litern Diesel pro !00 Kilometern ?

    Na ?

    Jawohl, die Bahn !
    Dieses hochinteressante Ergebnis stellt sich ein, wenn man Unterhaltung und Betrieb des Fahrweges sowie die Leit- und Sicherungstechnik in die Energiebilanz einbezieht.
    Dagegen ist das Flugzeug mit etwa 9 Litern ein Sonderangebot !

    Auch die Frau Rackete, obwohl mir selbst nicht unsypathisch, kann ich nicht verstehen: Auf der einen Seite geriert sie sich als Klimaaktivistin, auf der anderen Seite holt sie mit jedem aufgefischten Asylerpresser etwa 100 Tonnen CO2 pro Jahr ins Land.
    Die SED-Nachfolger empfehlen, Katzen abzuschaffen. Zuviel CO2. Kein Witz.

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