Roland Dürre
Friday November 25th, 2011

Because It Matters To Me!

Freiheit – Freedom – Libertad – libertà – 自由 – свобoда

You can currently read the following citation of Benjamin Franklin on my private web site

» Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. «

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
(According to  wikiquote, Benjamin Franklin actually said it.)

I particularly like the sentence.

But: time and again, I hear – even from reasonable persons who I know only have the best interest in mind – that there is no liberty without security. Hearing this not only hurts – I also consider it dangerous to say such a thing. Using this reasoning, you open up all possible opportunities for abuse (by the state).

Consequently, I will now try to clarify my thesis:
Liberty  is a value.

Security is a need.

Value” and “need” have nothing in common as far as their definitions go.

It is always problematic to sacrifice values for needs.

But someone who is prepared to sacrifice a basic value in order to to satisfy a small and temporary need (even if he only demands it in theory or will accept it as a possible consequence), has not deserved this value!

Please keep that in mind! I ask this of everyone, especially of politicians and leaders.


3 Kommentare zu “Because It Matters To Me!”

  1. Chris Wood (Sunday November 27th, 2011)

    Don’t be misled by this quote from Benjamin Franklin, with which everybody can agree. Elsewhere, (, Roland has outed as an extreme liberal. I suspect he is one of the last remaining FDP supporters.
    Those who give up essential security, to purchase a little temporary freedom, deserve Darwin medals. (These are virtual medals given to those who improve the average intelligence of later generations by finding particularly stupid ways to die).

  2. rd (Sunday November 27th, 2011)

    Hi Chris,

    glaube nicht, dass ich nach den Erfahrungen bei den Grünen noch Lust habe auf weitere Parteiveranstaltungen.

    Aber ganz schlimm:

    Wie kommst Du auf den Gedanken, die FDP wäre eine liberale Partei?

  3. Chris Wood (Monday November 28th, 2011)

    I see that the FDP tries to give people the chance to get rich by forming lobbies. And they are keen to give criminals the freedom to communicate without risk of being detected.

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