bild0230In former times, cars had these beautiful, analogous indicators, where the central data of the car, such as oil temperature and pressure, cooling water temperature, electricity status and fuel indicator could be seen. On the old sports cars, that looked really beautiful.

When an indicator needle started trembling, this was not a good sign. On the contrary: either the indicator was defect, or something was wrong with the motor. Unfortunately, the latter case happened more frequently.

These days, whenever I pass a gas station, I wonder why the „digital“ instruments tremble so much. One day, the Diesel fuel costs 99.9 cents, the next day 1.099 cents. Super can cost anywhere between 20 cents and 25 cents more than Diesel (not too long ago, the price for Diesel was the same as Super!).

And frequently, the price changes twice a day. That is also something I do not understand. Fuel prices used to be stable for months on end. In any case, I believe the „price trembling“ is not a good omen. The next price thunderstorm might easily be just around the corner.

If that happens, no matter how well cars are federally subsidized, the oh-so-athletic individual traffic will decline further. Then there will be quite a few people who will be angry with themselves for having bought a new car.

🙂 Or maybe not! We just do not know, but currently, everything seems possible.

(translated by EG)

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