Roland D├╝rre
Sunday December 21st, 2008

How to Fight Dementors?

Recently through an article in the IF-Blog, I projected the term “dementor” from the fairy world of Harry Potter into our real world. Now someone has asked me how I would fight dementors.

Whenever dementors appear in my vicinity, I get desolate, my heart plummets, everything seems to be pointless and dark fantasies pull me down, so that I feel like giving up! Fighting this is no easier in our world than in the world of Harry Potter.

For me, the great outdoors and activity have been helpful. Mostly, after half an hour of playing soccer, riding my bike (against dementors even through the rain :-)) or swimming, the dementors’ power over me weakens and I already feel better. While I experience my own body as something pleasant, my self-esteem grows, my sorrows get less desperate, and I get new courage for facing the dementors. So here is my advice in case one of the dementors makes his appearance in your life:

Get out of the house, enjoy the great outdoors and go for a walk, climb a mountain, go jogging, ride a bike or go swimming!

Then there was the next question: can we immunise ourselves against dementors?

We will never be a total success in that respect. To overcome dark hours during which dementors want to take away the meaning of our lives we should try to live our lives responsibly. We should be happy with what we have achieved. The people in our social environment love us, all we have to do is appreciate it enough and reciprocate. Then our immune system against all kinds of dementors will become quite strong.

­čÖé I am afraid I, too, do not have much more to recommend.


(translated by Evelyn Gemkow)

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