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2 Kommentare zu “We Cure the Symptoms and Ignore the Sources.”

  1. Friedrich Grimm (Saturday March 18th, 2017)

    Ein Artikel, der sehr gut beschreibt und aufzeigt auf was es wirklich ankommt, ankommen würde. Nämlich ein zielgerichtetes Denken auf die Ursachenforschung unserer kranken Gesellschaft, unserer kranken Welt.
    Ist es nicht erstaunlich, dass es das Kapital versteht, kaum dass sich an irgendeinem Ort der Welt Grenzen öffnen, all diese “Krankheitskeime” einzupflanzen, an denen wir nun schon so lange zu leiden haben.

  2. Chris Wood (Tuesday March 21st, 2017)

    I can agree with much but not all of this. Of course, a degree of populism is needed in democracy. I am happy that SPD is making a serious effort to succeed in the next election. A few half-truths are needed. The voters are not all clever experts. The right balance between rich and less-rich is needed. One sees that dictatorship of the proletariat does not work. Too much power for the few causes stagnation, then suppression and/or revolution. As a side-line, a compromise is needed between individual freedom and conformity, (we object to forced veiling of faces, but also to people who go everywhere naked). Another side-line is protection of the environment, (but this should be much more than a side-line)!
    After a long period of political domination by the C-union, we need a move towards the left. Anyway, it is time to move on: Merkel is starting to make more mistakes. For example, the government and car industry have been conspiring to damage health and the environment round the world with big fast status-symbol cars. The C-union may give more economic growth than the SPD, but we should not ignore what this growth is doing to the environment.
    Roland’s political wishes are rose-tinted. It would be nice if all the rich people started to concentrate on doing good, (according to the Bavarian constitution), but many have got rich by thinking otherwise. We should use their wealth, (and energies), but cannot expect many of them to cooperate enthusiastically.
    Shareholders are stakeholders too. Many of the shareholders are organisations that look after small savings. Tax on dividends helps us all.
    But I gave Roland 5 stars! The excellent talk by Prof. Lesch compensates Roland’s odd ideas. I often enjoy listening to Lesch. But this is the best and most important I have ever heard from him!

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