Roland Dürre
Sunday January 20th, 2013

Knowledge From Articles – Knowledge From Experts

We live in the age of information inflation. Through twitter, FB, Google+ and other sources, I get many recommendations for articles and videos available on the internet. This is something I very much appreciate, because I often learn amazing things.

Some of the things I learn actually support my prejudices, other things I am skeptical about, not wanting to believe them.

But I do not know if everything I receive, read and hear in this flood of information is correct.

Consequently, I like seeking the opinion of experts. However, those experts must be people I know and believe to be able to judge. I must get the impression that the expert I trust also is in the habit of asking questions about things in private life and that he or she is an enlightened person. And I must be certain that I am dealing with an autonomous person with no tendency towards dogmatism.

After having built up trust towards such a person, I give this person more credit than some article I read. And I am glad if I discover that what he or she says matches what the articles says. Because it means that my source is a good one.

(Translated by EG)

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