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4 Kommentare zu “A Warm-Up for my Presentations … #noschool Tweet”

  1. Chris Wood (Tuesday October 31st, 2017)

    Roland, your example of an invitation confuses me. I do not see any location, or date and time. Nur is there indication whether it costs anything.

  2. Chris Wood (Tuesday October 31st, 2017)

    Trying to find an example of an invitation, I looked in the “related posts” and found “meine nächsten Vorträge”.
    One was a TUM talk about evolution. I expect this was planned for June 1914. But I found no report on how it went. Did it ever take place? Is there a blog posting about the result? Evolution interests me.

  3. rd (Wednesday November 1st, 2017)

    Dear Chris, don’t be confused. The article describes, how I prepare my participants. For I don’t like classic speech like in school.
    Concerning the costs: For start-ups, students and universities my talks are for free. For small companies I’am cheap and for big companies I’am rather expensive. 🙂

  4. rd (Wednesday November 1st, 2017)

    Hi Chris, of course this date was omn 2014. I did the talk, but I don’t report every talk and workshop in IF-Blog. My last talks and workshops were about “Agile, lean, open, digital!”, “What ist that an enterprise!”, “Agility as a philosophie” and “How to make big an enterprise”. In the end of 2017 there will be one more as “Digital change yesterday, today and tomorrow!”. My next performance “Creative Communication” will be in Nürnberg for DOAG – together with two friends playing the sax and doing illustration (11/2017).

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