Robert Kulzer
Wednesday September 23rd, 2009

MIKI – how about some horizontal scrolling?

The neologism MIKI is derived from a combination of magazine and Wiki. It describes a portal on which the user or users can design an online magazine on a topic. Then they can publish it, for instance, through blogs, websites or RSS feeds.

The idea behind Intelli-Media was to develop a platform-independent web application anybody could use for his or her personal magazine. Technological background knowledge (HTML, Ajax, Flash, etc.) is not necessary.

The multimedia portal based on Adobe Flash enables the hobby editor to generate a slide show beautified by images, videos and texts in no time. There is hardly any limit to the topics you might select. Well – unacceptable articles can be reported at any time.

Thanks to the intuitive handling of the portal, the reader will manage it easily. Here is an example for you to see I am not exaggerating:

Please note that you will only see anything useful after having installed a current flash version. Maybe you want to use a separate window/tab on your browser in order to enjoy the Miki in all its splendour?

The mostly colour-intensive slides may sometimes cause longer loading times. However, this is not a problem with broad band connections.

The less than perfect graphics acceleration for flash in Unix-based systems (Linux, Mac OS) might put a damper on your enthusiasm as far as fast scrolling is concerned. Windows-users, however, can enjoy the constantly growing number of Mikis at their heart’s delight.

The free service is a great way for sending your vacation pictures, presentations, fashion recommendations, etc. to friends, acquaintances and the entire world. Short slide shows, in particular, can be easily created.

It remains to be seen if Web 2.0 fans and similar folks will decide to use the service. Thanks to the embedding function, however, can be easily combined with, for instance, WordPress.

So all that remains for me to say is: Have fun while experimenting with it!

(Translated by EG)

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