Detlev Six
Monday September 27th, 2010

Whipped Advertising.

Whenever it starts, we switch channels.
Even adolescents take flight 
and choose the geriatric programs ARD and ZDF.
You guessed it: we are talking advertising. 
Commercials. Billions are spent,
billions vanish into thin air 
like the money of the banks.

Now, You Tube has been there for five years 
and – surprise, surprise! – people watch commercials 
without being forced to. The most successful viral (that
is how you call advertising by way of personal 
recommendation) has grown to be watched by 134 million
people. With a maximum price of 5,000 Euros 
per commercial. The number one of cost-free 
advertising is a producer of mixers that whip 
everything you insert.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea for 
medium-sized enterprises? Advertising for millions 
without spending millions?

How it works? Well, look into the Top 10 of ViralsTop and remember my definition  
of “idea”: an idea is an idea 
if it modifies how we perceive something.

The rest is will-power, competence and courage.

(Translated by EG)

3 Kommentare zu “Whipped Advertising.”

  1. klaus kuester (Monday September 27th, 2010)

    wo hast Du die Zahlen her? Valide?
    mein reden. mein Reden. nur

    es hört kein Kunde zu…die glauben alle noch

    den Scheiss, den Agenturen

    erzählen! -kek

  2. six (Monday September 27th, 2010)

    KLaus, die Clickraten bekommst Du, wenn Du Dir den Link anschaust (Die Top 10 der Virals). Unbestechliche You Tube Währung. Die Spots von dem Mixer-Hersteller würde ich für 5000 Euro (oder weniger) machen.

  3. kuhn hans-peter (Monday September 27th, 2010)


    Ich kann nur hoffen, dass Du jetzt im IF-blog auf eine Goldader stösst!!!

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