Risk: Where are you going to spent thisChristmas?

HL: Well, one thing is certain: far away from you.

Risk: Aren’t you putting distance between me and you 
already all the time?

HL: Yes, you can say that, ever since Lehmann.

Risk: At the time, you were still liable.

HL: But afterwards…

Risk: Yes, I know. I came up with the trick 
of calling it systemic.

HL: I certainly appreciate it very much.

Risk: You always envied me, didn’t you?

HL: You can say that again. You were always the one who partied and I was the one who had to clean after you.

Risk: Well, I did not think the job-sharing was too bad.

HL: Let sleeping dogs lie. Ever since I separated from you, I am feeling just great.

Risk: Can you believe all the things they do in order to tame me? Transaction tax, rescue umbrellas, Euro Bonds …

HL: …yes, it is really great. They totally forgot me.

Risk: Aren’t you afraid they might some day remember you?

HL: Who? Me? The old no-nonsense type?

Risk: Are you telling me there is a banker hidden in every one of them?

HL: Indeed! Who would not not like gambling and having the state fix it afterwards?

Risk: But who is going to be liable for the state?

HL: Exactly. That is why you never saw me today! I am making myself scarce for good.

(Translated by EG)

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  2. KH (Thursday December 8th, 2011)

    Ja – cool….

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