Detlev Six
Thursday August 14th, 2014

Strategic Moral: Putin’s “ShowThiefStrategy”

Well, wasn’t it a brilliant idea of Putin? An emergency convoy with food and medicine has been sent from Russia to alleviate the misery of the East-Ukrainians. Simultaneously, the Russians tell the world that they are in total agreement with the accompanying Red Cross and with the Ukrainians. Panic in Kiev. Nobody ever talked to them about it. So what now? Can we prevent the convoy, or stop it, or control it? Or should we brusquely refuse the friendly Russian gesture, because we suspect the convoy to contain weapons, instead of humanitarian aid? Regardless of the outcome: the Russians will look like the haven of humanitarianism – and they stole Kiev the limelight.

You want to know more about how strategic moral works?

Follow this link to the community “Strategische Moral

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