Is there a Big-Bang Hungarian?

Reply by a Hungarian who believes in it:
Sure, we have always been here.

Yet Hungarians only immigrated to the area of today’s Hungary around 900 years ago.

Nonsense, we have always been here!

Only around 1900, the ratio of Hungarians was increased from von 45% to 55% by forced Magyarising.

Lying blog.

I have this information from Wikipedia.

Lying Wikipedia.

Honest newspapers, too, write it.

Lying media.

Scientific proof is fairly convincing.

Lying science.

The same discussion is easily imaginable with a Kaczynski Pole, a Le-Pen Frenchman or a Pegida German.

The belief in right-wing concepts is based on a pure national blood community, rather than a modern will-oriented society.

As opposed to God and Particles of God (see my post Neues von Gott und dem großen Bumser), who you can neither prove nor disprove – which makes them part of the unsolvable last truths – questions of national purity are about short-lived truths. They can be either proved or disproved.

So maybe information desks in Hungary, Poland and Dresden are the solution?

Well, perhaps not.

Or with the philosopher Dieter Bohlen:
“The problem is: how to tell a mentally retarded person that he is mentally retarded?“

(Translated by EG)

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