Roland Dürre
Mittwoch, der 14. Dezember 2011

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2 Kommentare zu “Adventskalender – 14. Dezember”

  1. Chris Wood (Mittwoch, der 14. Dezember 2011)

    There may be a couple of people in Japan who have heard of Saint Nicholas of Myra, but his story is hardly „known worldwide“. In the Anglican tradition, there is hardly a cult of saints. Presents are brought by him (as Santa Claus) in USA and also England, but during the night 24-25 December, (rather than on his saint’s day). He comes down the chimney. This lets parents lie in on Christmas day, while the children are busy with their presents.

    There are „heathen“ elements in Xmas celebrations almost everywhere, for instance in the use of mistletoe. Of course the „Christian“ elements are also largely based on pre-Christian traditions and beliefs.

    I wonder how Saint George, (patron saint of England too), came to be so important. The stories about „him“ refer to different people, different times and different places.

  2. Roksana (Donnerstag, der 15. Dezember 2011)

    Dear Chris,

    Christian tradition came quite late to Ukraine. Actually, шт 1988 we celebrated 1000 years of christianity in Ukraine. Saint George is considered to be a patron of Ukraine, in particular of Ukrainian nobels from Koriatovych denasty. The King Vladimir, who brought christianity to Ukaraine in Xth century was baptised in St. George monastery in Hersones (today Krym). Later on St. George was considered to be the patron of scout organization „Plast“ in Ukraine.
    The story of Nikolaus, the bishop from Myra, might be hardly known in Japan, true. Nevertheless, I have read the stories about St. Nikolaus in many languages, for instance children in Germany are also taught about good deeds of St. Nikolaus in kindergarten. Probably another wording, like „many countries“ instead of „worldwide“ should have been used.

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