Roland Dürre
Dienstag, der 25. Mai 2010

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2 Kommentare zu “Sparen dank China”

  1. Chris Wood (Dienstag, der 25. Mai 2010)

    Only four stars, because Roland calls this suggestion „absurd“. The basic idea is good, even if the numbers should be modified. Other counties import clever Chinese, why not Germany too? Millions of Turks were imported to perform menial tasks. Other countries acted similarly with Africans. In the days of Empire, the British „imported“ Indians to various parts of the Empire for non-menial work. I would expect educated Chinese to adapt easily and with less resulting conflict, particularly if mostly women came. (Most mixed-race marriages in USA involve either black men or Asiatic women). Of course many Chinese would use Europe as a stepping stone towards USA, but with reasonable treatment, enough would decide to stay.
    Millions of unemployed graduates in China must be a source of unrest in the population, and a danger for the government, so the rulers would surely not object to such a diaspora.
    The only potential serious problem would be latent racism, but the Germans have proved fairly flexible in this (and in other things too). The society went from extreme racism to a high degree of tolerance in a generation. It just needs reasonable education in the schools.

  2. hans-peter kühn (Mittwoch, der 26. Mai 2010)

    Frech, witzig, ironisch-durchdacht. Gefällt mir ausgezeichnet. Weiter so!!!

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