Roland Dürre
Dienstag, der 29. November 2011

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2 Kommentare zu “Ein bemerkenswerter Adventskalender”

  1. Chris Wood (Donnerstag, der 1. Dezember 2011)

    The trouble with the „invention“ of speech is that we know only very roughly when it happened. There is some evidence from the estimated ages of genes that provide precise control of muscles in tongue, lips, etc. Of course speech started simple and is still getting more complex. Various intelligent animals, such as whales and crows have crude forms of speech.

  2. Chris Wood (Donnerstag, der 1. Dezember 2011)

    I just read new stuff about the origin of speech. Every mammal except (most) humans has an air sac in the neck, which makes the „voice“ louder and deeper, but which is now known to make subtle variations more difficult. A human normally only has a vestige of this. As this is supported by bone, fossils show signs of whether this was present in early hominids. It seems to have degenerated slowly between 3 and 1 million years ago. Subtle speech techniques are no use without the speech to go with them, including the intelligence to say and understand complex stuff. In the early stages of loss of the air sac, it would have been optimal to have a fairly loud deep voice (especially for men), while having some extra variation.
    This development pre-dates the known genes that I mentioned in an earlier comment. It looks as if speech rather than upright stance was what separated humans from apes.
    Incidentally, music was also an important invention for humans, except that it was invented by birds or earlier dinosaurs!

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