Roland Dürre
Sonntag, der 12. Februar 2012

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1 Kommentar zu “EURO oder NICHT EURO – das ist die Frage ?”

  1. Chris Wood (Sonntag, der 12. Februar 2012)

    I can well understand that somebody who has not lived outside Bavaria feels suspicious about German unity and even more so about the European Union. These foreigners speak a different dialect, or even a different language! Truth to tell, the „Franken“ and „Schwaben“ are a bit suspect to one like me who has lived half his life round Munich.
    Fragmentation has the advantage that the people in each small country are forced to manage alone as best they can. When things go wrong, they cannot well say that the Germans are to blame, (unless they have recently been invaded). But let’s admit that we still live in a world where largely might is right. There was military intervention in Libya and before then in a weakened Iraq, but other nasty states are too powerful for such treatment. One may think that Europe no longer needs to worry about being attacked, but commercial attack is still relevant. When a European court convicts a big American company of unfair business practices, even the Americans take notice. I believe that a similar decision by a Bavarian court would be less respected.
    Of course the European Commission has made some mistakes. I judge their work generally positively, but one cannot be sure. However I can see that the European Union was set up because politicians believed that was good. They could have got more votes by appealing to popular dislike of foreigners. I believe one should support the politicians in the unusual cases where they avoid populism.

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