Roland Dürre
Sonntag, der 27. Mai 2012

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6 Kommentare zu “George English Greene III”

  1. Chris Wood (Montag, der 28. Mai 2012)

    I remember a couple more things about George.
    Chuck Berry should be added to the list of great musicians he has accompanied.
    I took seriously George’s apparently totally relaxed attitude to everything, until one evening when I experienced how completely professional and serious he was in organising a jazz trio.

    I suspect George studied „communication“ rather than communications“, (i.e. between people rather than between computers).

  2. dolf mulder (Freitag, der 28. Dezember 2012)

    Enjoyed reading this detailed bio on George Greene. I do research on Popol Vuh. For that reason I would like to get in touch with Jimmy Jackson, if he is still around, because of the ‚choirorgan‘-story. If somebody can help me out?

  3. Helmut Jungkunz (Freitag, der 21. April 2017)

    Hi, George E. Greene has a new web site due to domain grabbing he lost the old one. New Website:

    Also, his email address changed according to that with .de at the end now.



  4. Christopher Burnett (Donnerstag, der 29. März 2018)

    George E. Greene III was among the first people to give me an opportunity to play jazz before an audience at his sessions Tambarin and Domicile in Munich with Marcus Hampton (trumpet), Willie Driffin (tenor saxophone), Erica Lindsay (tenor saxophone) and Francesca Tanksley (piano). Thanks to Mr. Greene for those many opportunities! All the best, Cb

  5. Marcus Hampton (Donnerstag, der 29. März 2018)

    Hello from Marcus Hampton to George Greene!

  6. rd (Donnerstag, der 29. März 2018)

    Great! I love George! He is a great musician. A real soft drummer!

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