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1 Kommentar zu “Hambacher Forst. Ethik. Primär. Sekundär. Tugend.”

  1. Chris (Montag, der 17. September 2018)

    I have a serious problem, regarding ethics.
    It starts with the first line of the German constitution.
    “The value of every human is untouchable”.
    Of course anything so abstract cannot be touched, but something else is meant. This is meant as a statement that humans matter most, (or only). This is the idea behind most religions. God, made in man’s image, is included.
    A better basic ethic would be “Be nice to each other”, (roughly Kant). The World ethic is slowly moving towards this, at least in democracies, (whatever that means)
    But what is the result? We humans seem set to destroy ourselves in the next century or two. All vertebrates may also be wiped out. Even I cannot regard this as desirable. But the alternatives seem just as nasty, for instance Orwell’s 1984, with the world being run by a relatively small elite, (who eliminate most others).

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