Roland Dürre
Donnerstag, der 23. Dezember 2010

InterFace bei den OBJEKTspektrum Information Days

Meine kleine Video-Sammlung in youtube (RolandDuerre) ist wieder gewachsen. Habe gerade den Vortrag von Oliver Niklas hochgeladen. Oliver ist Kollege bei InterFace und Spezialist für Qualität und Test.

Er hat am 25. November 2010 in München auf den OBJEKTspektrum Information Days, einer Konferenz zum Thema “Software – Testing & Quality”, über “Testmanagement in DBMS-Migrationsprojekten” referiert.

Wir haben die Ausschnitte in 2 Teile gegliedert.

Teil 1:

Teil 2:

Nicht nur für Software-Ingenieure lohnt es sich, da rein zu schauen.


1 Kommentar zu “InterFace bei den OBJEKTspektrum Information Days”

  1. Chris Wood (Freitag, der 24. Dezember 2010)

    I was a software engineer, heavily involved in testing system software, including design and planning of testing. As such, I see this talk as interesting for project managers, rather than for software engineers. The technical problems are not enough covered for me. Perhaps these days every programmer knows about the problems of migrating from Informix to Oracle, but I do not. Sixty-five „products“ are mentioned. Can we assume that products do not share data with each other, so that they can be migrated fairly independently? Or must clever methods be used to avoid going live in big-bang mode? There are similar fundamental questions concerning performance testing, for instance whether the system can be taken over at nights, or does it run all the time.
    It is understandable that management problems are at the forefront at the end of the project, rather than the essential technical aspects that need to be considered at the start.

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