Roland Dürre
Montag, der 20. April 2015

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4 Kommentare zu “Mittelmeer.”

  1. aebby (Montag, der 20. April 2015)

    Lieber Roland, mir gehts es gerade ganz ähnlich wie Dir, ich könnte den ungeglätteten Text so unterschreiben, LG Aebby

  2. Chris Wood (Mittwoch, der 22. April 2015)

    I give this diatribe 5 stars, because it represents the justified outrage of a normal decent guy, based on a Christian family upbringing, influenced by the Sermon on the Mount and the parables. I am an atheist, but still influenced by the same factors.
    But that is not the whole story. In Europe we are very lucky to live good lives, with greatly reduced chances of early death, despite cigarettes and cars. The men in primitive tribes often plundered other villages, killing the men and capturing young women. Most religions look rather bad. Dawkins wrote, with justice that God of the Old Testament is the most unpleasant of all fictional characters, vain, malicious, homophobe, etc., etc. Many Jews, and some other Americans believe they are God’s chosen people. The Koran gloats over unbelievers burning eternally in hell. It condemns men who raid only unprotected caravans, (for their cowardice), but says nothing against plundering peaceful traders. It even advises how to split the booty. The Hindu caste system is repugnant to Europeans and surely is a main cause of widespread poverty in India.
    Buddhism is perhaps nicest, and was widespread in India 2000 years ago, but was overrun by Hinduism. Probably it was too nice. Christianity somehow avoided being too nice. Emperor Constantine would surely have given it up if his soldiers had all turned pacifist. It and Islam waged bloody wars for centuries from Portugal to the Caucasus and further.
    Human nature is determined by evolution. Some animals are nicer, some are nastier. Humans are most complicated, having various behavioural modes, depending on circumstances. We are clever enough to realise that we need help from others, and that we tend to get this from those close to us genetically, geographically, in language, faith, or love of cricket. When we come under pressure from others, we react singly or as a group against them. We may be clever enough to do this hypocritically. At present we are under plenty of pressure, due to overuse of resources, such as land, water, oil, and the atmosphere. SZ says we are using 150%, but I think the situation is worse in the long term.
    It seems that vox populi is cleverer than it seems and is driving our politicians to extreme hypocrisy towards the poor people of the world. Of course most of us would like a world where we were all nice to each other. But could this work in practice? Meanwhile, we should be happy that our politicians pretend to be nice. Things would be worse if those in power were openly evil.
    Perhaps you can understand, Roland, why I made fun of your mentor, who essentially advised, using bits of Latin and Greek, that we should all be nice to each other. Most of us are nice most of the time, but to ignore the rest of human nature puts us and the world in danger.
    By the way, read Naomi Klein’s last two books. They are important, if rather wishful thinking.

  3. rd (Mittwoch, der 22. April 2015)

    @Chris: Thank you for 5 stars and the long comment!
    In apite I think that „be nice to each other“ is the first step in a better world. 🙂

  4. Joachim Schnurrer (Freitag, der 1. Mai 2015)

    Mir fällt hierzu das Modell der „adverse Selektion“ von George A. Akelof ein (übrigens verheiratet mit Jane Yellen), der dafür mit Anderen den Nobelpreis bekommen hat.
    Das Schlimme bei Jauch ist nun, dass diese Sendung nicht zur Behebung, sondern zur Verschlimmerung der Informationsasymmetrie beiträgt. Allein dafür sollte Jauch mitsamt seiner Sendung aus den öffentlich/rechtlichen Systemen rausfliegen! Das Einzige was einem selbst bleibt, ist, woimmer es geht gegen diese Art von „Journalismus“ vorzugehen. Die Einfachste Maßnahme ist, Jauch nicht mehr anzuschauen und in Diskussionen zu Sendungen von Jauch auf die unselige Art dieses Journalismus hinzuweisen.

    Leider verhalten sich auch immer mehr Politiker in dieser opportunistischen Weise zur Sicherung ihrer Wählerstimmen. Sie nutzen Sehnsüchte und Unwissen aus, um an die Wählerstimmen zu kommen und sich in der Folge damit selbst zu bereichern. Wehe, wenn dieses „gesunde Volksempfinden“ wieder die Oberhand gewinnt!!!

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