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1 Kommentar zu “Nachlese zu meinem Vortrag – Anmerkungen #1 Fakten”

  1. Chris Wood (Samstag, der 24. Juli 2010)

    I think Roland has hit the nail on the head here. (But of course I am no expert in such things). I am sure there are a few factors that are always needed to make a successful firm, such as competent energetic leadership, prepared to take reasonable risks. On the other hand both dictatorship and cooperative management have had their successes.

    I compare this with the course of evolution of species, where there are some very strange success stories, and some very strange niches that beings fit into. There are also hard luck cases such as the dinosaurs. Why did they mostly die out? There were also general disasters, which can be compared with the effect on Roman firms during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

    Another useful comparison is with various religions. After all they have run for thousands of years, so we know a lot about their successes and failures. Nevertheless, despite a great deal of reading and thinking, I find it hard to account for the successes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. (And I find it impossible to judge how good or bad they, along with Microsoft, were for humanity). Why did some religions, such as Sufism and Zoroastrianism, last badly, despite their advantages?

    So here we have three areas where evolution occurs in remarkably similar ways.

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