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2 Kommentare zu “„Nanotechnologie und Ethik?“ oder „Erst Denken – dann Handeln!“”

  1. Chris Wood (Donnerstag, der 29. Oktober 2009)

    For a balanced view of this subject, see NT may develop into something significant, but at present both the possibilities and the dangers are mostly just hype. Roland concentrates on the latter. 750 Million EURO p.a. subvention in Europe is really very little, particularly considering all the different aspects that are grouped under this term. Many times as much would be made available to save a medium sized bank. I presume this also includes (perhaps 50%) research into the dangers.
    Consider Roland’s four rules for the use of NT. Shouldn’t they hold for everything? Consider the same four rules but with „sharp edge“ or „round thing“ substituted for „nano“.
    And the budget of „Geisteswirtschaft“ in Europe is at least 100 times larger. The main part of this in Germany is probably religion, with about 5% of all tax. But the media play their part too. In Britain, no tax goes directly to churches, but the Anglican Church, being the second largest landowner (after the National Trust), also has a good income. It is a pity that the ratio of „Geisteswissenschaft“ to „Geisteswirtschaft“ is so low.

  2. rd (Donnerstag, der 29. Oktober 2009)

    Sorry, aber Religion zähle ich nicht zu den Geisteswissenschaften. RMD

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