Roland Dürre
Donnerstag, der 11. März 2010

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4 Kommentare zu “Neuperlach”

  1. Chris Wood (Donnerstag, der 11. März 2010)

    Roland, stop putting odd words of English in your postings. You get them right about as often as Real Madrid recently gets to the Champions‘ League final! The term is „real estate“, German „Immobilien“ and/or „Grundstücke“.
    I am particularly affected by this rumour. For years, as a Siemens pensioner, I have cycled to Siemens almost every weekday for my lunch in the excellent canteen there. In recent summers, I have also played tennis on the Siemens tennis courts in Neubiberg. Earlier my house was chosen for proximity (7km) to Siemens, 10 minutes by rail door to door. The underground and local railway there are so convenient. If Siemens gives up this site, it will hurt my meals, tennis and cycling. I liked working in these buildings. Their height is (mostly) just right to encourage use of the stairs, rather than lifts. They are all connected underground, which is good when it rains. They have a good microclimate, so that the crocuses have been out there for about a week. There are many scented flowering trees with nesting boxes in them. I have seen squirrels, boletus and even a green woodpecker there. Earlier, there was also a library where I could read „New Scientist“, particularly if it started to rain during lunch. The works council seemed to function better there than elsewhere. Perhaps that is why Siemens may close it down.

  2. rd (Donnerstag, der 11. März 2010)

    Hi Chris,

    leider habe ich und auch andere Autoren immer wieder Tippfehler in den Texten, zum Teil, weil wir diese oftmals schnell und nebenher schreiben.

    Wir Autoren im Team helfen uns dann gegenseitig und korrigieren bzw. melden uns die Tippfehler gegenseitig.

    Du bist der einzige, der solche Fehler genüsslich und unkameradschaftlich ausweidet. Ich verstehe nicht, dass es Dir Spaß macht, andere Teammitglieder immer wieder vorzuführen.

    Natürlich weiß auch ich, dass es „real estate“ heißt. Muss ich Dir jetzt erklären, das ich es ironisch finde, dass wir im Deutschen immer mehr meinen modern zu sein, indem wir englische Begriffe nutzen.

    Inhaltlich kann ich nur sagen, dass Deine Argumente für viele Standorte zu treffen. Und wenn Siemens eine strategische Entscheidung fällt, dann dürfte der Betriebsrat oder ähnliches keine Rolle stellen.

    Allerdings kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass an einem Unort wie Neuperlach der Betriebsrat besser gedeiht als z.B. in einem modernen Forschungpark, wie es ihn früher wohl bei Xerox gegeben hat oder heute bei Google geben soll.

  3. Chris Wood (Freitag, der 12. März 2010)

    Sorry Roland, I did not suspect that it was a typing error. I do not enjoy pointing out such things. On the contrary, I find it unpleasant that when people bring English into other languages, they often get it wrong, and then the mistake becomes established. My pet hate is the English word „handy“, which only in German is pronounced „Händy“. So why don’t Germans write it with an umlaut?
    Regarding Legoland and the Betriebsrat, I meant that bosses often regard the Betriebsrat as a nuisance, so a strong Betriebsrat may be a reason to close the site down. I am optimistic that the site will not close. I hope Siemens will use it even if it is sold. In the past Siemens has done this at other sites. It may be that the firm realises that it is not their business to rent out unused office space.
    That the „Betriebsrat dürfte keine Rolle spielen“ worries me regarding 3 meanings of „dürfte“. I agree that the Betriebsrat probably cannot influence the decision. I think it should be able to influence the decision. I do not know whether the law gives it a right to do this.

  4. Chris Wood (Mittwoch, der 17. März 2010)

    I am now reliably informed ‚Siemens has sold Perlach to a real estate company, „sell and lease back“.
    They sold it for 2 Mrd Euro, and rented it back for 13 year with an option for another 15 years.
    They said they need cash for the internal pension fund‘.

    It is nice to know that I guessed right about continuing to use it.
    I have my doubts about the reason given for selling it. Siemens could have raised the cash by mortgaging it.

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