Roland Dürre
Donnerstag, der 9. September 2010

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1 Kommentar zu “Privatheit #3: Vermögen und Einkommen”

  1. Chris Wood (Donnerstag, der 16. September 2010)

    Hi Roland. I agree completely, but Zuzana would completely disagree! In England, there is less such secrecy. Most job adverts state how much the pay is. I have heard of a man who worked badly for years, not realising that he should have found another job. He did not realise that everybody else was getting better pay rises! On the other hand some people are envious, mistakenly thinking that others are earning much more.
    I heard on the radio yesterday that a general practitioner (Hausarzt) earns on average €116,000, while a radiologist earns over €200,000. I was surprised. I know a girl who was advised by a doctor not to study medicine, because the work was too hard for the pay. (I suspect this is really total income, including business costs)?

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