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1 Kommentar zu “Radfahren / Autofahren – oder – Von Analysten und Thinktanks”

  1. Chris (Freitag, der 31. Oktober 2014)

    Absolutely right!
    I am reading “This Changes Everything“, by Naomi Klein, a USA-Canadian socialist. I hope this will be a very important book, but I suspect its length, style, and commitment to socialism will prevent many people from reading it. I have known for many years that humanity is heading for a climate disaster, and that very little is being done about it. Germany is better than most in Europe, and Europe is better than other developed regions. Yet even here, the media are all uncritically enthusiastic about economic growth, without noticing the dangers. A recent comment was that the spirit of consumers in USA is happily now better than for many years. Do they and we really need all this consumption? Rising share prices are greeted with joy. But this is inflationary, and widens the gap between rich and poor.
    Naomi Klein has opened my eyes to the extent that things have been getting worse in the last 20 years, due to hardly controlled capitalism spreading from USA. Perhaps she has convinced me that recent moves towards free trade are damaging. The climate disaster will surely hit the poor harder, or at least sooner. She almost welcomes the disaster, as giving socialism a chance. But I doubt whether iI will have this effect. And even if it did, I doubt whether socialism would help.
    What we need, is an outbreak of common sense. I remain optimistic, but expect disaster. Can someone add a German translation to this?

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