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1 Kommentar zu “Von Moskau nach Peking mit der Bahn! #6 Kirchen.”

  1. Chris (Montag, der 1. Juli 2019)

    Dear Roland, I suspect that your remarks about atheists are partly aimed at me. I have been an atheist for about 60 years. The normal usage of the word “religion” is “belief in God or Gods”. In that sense, atheism is not a religion. Buddhism is also sometimes seen as a religion. This widens use of “religion” to include other irrational beliefs. (Buddhism assumes life after death). Recently, atheism has become common enough that one can advocate it without worrying about offending people. Read the excellent books of Harari! I am atheist for the same reason that I believe there is no teapot in orbit round the moon. There is no evidence for it, and it does not fit with what we know!
    You do not try to justify your agnosticism. I see it as too wishy-washy. In view of the damage done by religion now and in the recent past, it is too important not to decide about it. Harari points out why it was perhaps “useful” in the past. It helped bring cohesion to tribes, clans and nations. This enabled survival in bigger and bigger wars, bringing happiness only for the elite, and steering evolution.
    I think we should gently try to bring atheism to immigrants. Without secularity, the Judeo/Christian “Leitkulture” is no more rational than Islam. I was recently invited to a proud presentation by an architect who designed a new church building in Bavaria. Why that, given that Church membership is declining steadily?

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