Roland Dürre
Dienstag, der 24. November 2015

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1 Kommentar zu “Weltkrieg III”

  1. Chris Wood (Sonntag, der 29. November 2015)

    Dear Roland,
    Good stuff. The German reaction to Paris was certainly exaggerated. An aspect that you seem to neglect is that many Germans heard the explosions as they watched football on TV.
    Most of the bombing of IS will just strengthen them, by angering their remaining Sunni locals and some other Sunnis across the world. This was probably expected by the IS leaders. The real point of the bombing is to prevent right-populist parties from gaining too many votes, particularly in France.
    The mess in Syria and Iraq, (refugees), threatens to ruin Europe, by encouraging nationalism. It shows up the construction flaws, particularly the Dublin agreement, but also the difficulty of getting any other agreement. The European economy will be damaged, and remaining political influence will be lost. And even Russia is worried about being too small to matter!
    IS has managed, for now, to form a state, and so is the greatest danger to civilisation since Hitler and Stalin. All the millions of road deaths in WWIII do not endanger civilisation.
    Climate change threatens not only civilisation, but even human survival. Along with overpopulation, it is a cause of IS and of other recent conflicts. I am torn between longing for a gentle solution for the problems, and a suspicion that, (as with Hitler), only military strength can save us, (whoever that means).
    I think you, Roland, are a bit too hard on colonialism. Most of the nicest places to live, outside Europe were earlier British colonies, (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, etc.). Yes, some local populations suffered, but they were small compared with present (contented) numbers. The Kurds in Iraq were doing well before IS. India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have problems, but at least now have decent cricket teams.

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